Introducing the Floral Reef Project

The Floral Reef Project is a community-driven effort to promote and protect floral reefs, and to educate the public about the value of floral reefs in our society.

“Floral reefs” are the vibrant microhabitats shared by flowering plants and trees and the pollinators on which they depend. These microenvironments play an important role in their local surroundings and the health of our planet overall, providing food and shelter for wildlife, helping to pollinate crops, and helping to moderate the local climate.

The Floral Reef Project aims to raise awareness of the importance of floral reefs and encourage people to talk about them, learn about them, and take action to create and protect floral reefs in their local area.

The Floral Reef Project aims to engage a wide range of stakeholders such as landowners, property managers, educators/students, nature-lovers, and other community members. It provides resources and education about floral reefs, supports projects to plant native flowers, and educates about potentially-harmful pesticide and herbicide use.

Soon we plan to offer native seeds to nonprofit agencies and individuals which are appropriate to their location.

Who should get involved? Anyone who cares about God's creation, the natural environment, where our food comes from, or the subject of Science in general should be interested in the Floral Reef Project.

This includes homeowners, gardeners, farmers, educators, land stewards, local governments, universities, and business owners.

And anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

Actually, anyone who eats or has a favorite pet that eats, or... well, you get the picture.

We are starting in Southern California and plan to expand throughout North America. With help (and translators) we hope to one day expand to Quebec and Mexico, Central America, and beyond.

Here are some things that just about anyone can do to protect floral reefs in their area and help to promote the Floral Reef Project:

  • Plant a variety of native flowers (and flowering bushes and trees) in your yard or community garden. (Please post photos and email us and tag us! #FloralReef_org or @FloralReef_org)
  • Avoid using pesticides and herbicides.
  • Support pollinator-friendly businesses. (We are seeking suppliers of native seeds for the US mainland and Canada.)
  • Get involved in your community. Organize or join efforts that promote and expand healthy habitats. (Please post photos and email us and tag us! #FloralReefOrg or @FloralReef_org) 
  • Spread the word about the Floral Reef Project at school, at work, on social media.

By working together, we can protect floral reefs and improve the natural habitat around us for ourselves and our neighbors.